Have you ever rolled out of bed one afternoon and felt like your life is all of a sudden out of control? Well ladies, I guess this experience is called growing up, but it doesn’t change the fact that I just want to go out with friends, hook up with guys and have no worries in life! I guess this stage in our lives is called the “Twenty-Somethings,” that stage where we are stuck in between having a fun, carefree time with the girls, and growing up and taking on all that responsibility. Who ever told us it was going to be this hard?? I hope this blog puts your minds at ease. Experiencing my Twenty-Something stage as typing, I can honestly admit that I mess up, A LOT. Boys, friends, drama, work, school, balancing it all! I have a new struggle every day, but I am determined to make my Twenty-Somethings a beautiful thing and cherish every struggle I come up against! My hope is that you learn, laugh, and experience everything great about this stage through my blog. ENJOY IT, EVERY SECOND!



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