32 of the Most Important Characteristics of the Most Successful People

 Do you want to be successful in everything you do?  Well below is your secret to success!  Personally, I printed these characteristics and taped them to my mirror so I can read them every morning.  If you looking for success in any area of your life, I suggest you adopt all 32 of these characteristics and you will SUCCEED!!

  1. Have a “Can-Do” Attitude– approach every situation with the outlook that no matter what, it can be done
  2. Believe That I Will Work It Out– refers to individuals looking to be responsible and solve a problem
  3. Successful People Focus on Opportunity– see all situations, even problems and complaints as opportunities
  4. Successful People Love Challenges– compelled and invigorated by challenges
  5. Seek to Solve Problems– know that every problem is universal in one way or another
  6. Successful People Persist Until Successful– ability to persist on a given path regardless of setbacks, unexpected events, bad news and resistance and continues steadfastly or firmly in some course of action despite of condition
  7. Take Risks– you’re going to have to put something on the line to get a get a return; successful are willing to take risks
  8. Be Unreasonable– requires that you act without rational consideration and not in accordance with realities
  9. Be Dangerous– being careful requires you to take actions cautiously; absolutely no way you will hit 10X levels or 10X goals by being cautious
  10. Create Wealth– attitude toward wealth and creation of wealth is an especially significant distinction between financially successful and the unsuccessful
  11. Readily Take Action– highly successful take unbelievable amounts of action regardless of what that actually looks like, these people rarely do nothing
  12. Always Say Yes– successful people do this not because they can, but they choose to say yes
  13. Habitually Commit– successful fully and consistently commit to activities, some of which require to put all of it on the line
  14. Go All The Way– “half measures availed us nothing” in terms of no results except retiring person engaging in ½ measures
  15. Focus on NOW– only two times for the successful; now and the future
  16. Demonstrate Courage– quality of mind and spirit that propels people to face dangerous situations in spite of fear
  17. Successful People Embrace Change– love change; always look for ways to improve what you are doing successfully
  18. Determine and Take the Right Approach– successful know they can quantify what does and does not work
  19. Successful People Break Traditional Ideas– challenge traditions to get to another place
  20. Be Goal Oriented
  21. Be On A Mission– successful people approach their activities as if on a religious mission
  22. Have a High Level of Motivation
  23. Be Interested in Results– successful people value results
  24. Have Big Goals and Big Dreams– How big are your goals and dreams?!
  25. Create Your Own Reality– bent on creating a new reality for themselves and others that is so different from what others suggest as possible
  26. Commit First, Figure Out Later– get rid of mechanics and take action
  27. Be Highly Ethical– requires you do things you told yourself and others you would do and in doing so until you get results
  28. Be Interested in the Group– you can only do as well as the people around you, sooner or later you will be afflicted by those around you
  29. Be Dedicated to Continuous Learning
  30. Be Uncomfortable– willing to put yourself in uncomfortable situations
  31. Reach Up in Relationships– surround yourself with great people, better than me
  32. Be Disciplined– to attain and achieve success, you need to determine which habits are constructive, and then discipline both yourself and your group to do those things over and over again until it becomes a discipline