If I Were A Boy…

I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel boys have an easier time than us ladies.  They have less to worry about and some lead such free, relaxing lives.  Okay, maybe I’m a little jealous, but can you blame me?  Here is a list, some just added to exaggerate the “ideal man lifestyle,” of some of the things I would do differently if I were a boy…If you have any to add to the list, please comment!  I’m excited to see what can be added to the list!

  1. I would be able to take the world’s quickest showers…like seriously, did I even wet my entire body??
  2. I wouldn’t have to dry my hair.  Run a towel through it and if that’s too much, I could always be bald.  NO SHEDDING!!

    Bald is Beautiful

    Bald is Beautiful

  3. All I would need is a pair of khakis and a pair of jeans to complete my wardrobe.
  4. I would not have to worry about makeup and all the time that takes.  Going with the all-natural look 🙂
  5. I’d only need to shave my face (possibly chest) if I was unfortunate and quite hairy Steve Carrel
  6. I’d be considered a god if I am athletic

    He is the champ and gets the girl!

    He is the champ and gets the    girl!

  7. Let’s face it, guys aren’t a part of cliques…must be nice

    Sexually Active Band Geeks Anyone??

    Sexually Active Band Geeks Anyone??

  8. I wouldn’t buy into the gossip
  9. I could wake up 20 min before I had to leave (and that’s waking up early)

10. My mom would spoil me, doing my laundry, cleaning my room, and doing other chores that I am apparently “incapable” of learningKitty Forman

11. I would not have the urge to stalk my crushes through social media

12. It would be perfectly acceptable to sleep until noon and get up and play video games for another three hours

What A Life...

What A Life…

13. I would spend an entire Sunday doing nothing but watching football

14. I’d be picked first for dodge ball in gym class

Can't Touch This!!

Can’t Touch This!!

15. I’d drink beer everyday and not give a damn that I feel bloated

16. I would be praised by my bros for texting more than one hottie

17. I’d join every fantasy league…EVER!

18. I’d boast about how well each of my fantasy teams are doing…at least 5 times daily

19. I’d watch SportsCenter and all the reruns afterwards…just in case anything has changed in the past hour…Sportscenter

20. I’d eat as many wings as I want and look like a slob eating them without caring one bit

21. I’d fart regardless of who is in my presence

22. I’d salivate at the mailman until my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition arrived

23. I’d do a cannonball into every pool I could

Cutest Kid Ever!!

Cutest Kid Ever!!

24. I’d take my shirt off every opportunity I get

Sigh...I would still be in love with him even if I were a boy...

Sigh…I would still be in love with him even if I were a boy…

25. Everything I said would be right (okay, okay, maybe this goes for whether I was a boy or a girl)

Feel free to keep the list going with what you would do if you were a guy instead of a woman!  Be funny, get creative, and keep it pretty clean please!